Manually resetting an admin user password in AspDotNetStorefront

1 – Connect to your database using SQL Server Management Studio, Enterprise Manager, or your web-based query tool.
2 – In a new query window, issue the follow SQL statement:

UPDATE [Customer]
SET [Password] = 'your new password here',
[SaltKey] = -1,
[LockedUntil] = DateAdd(mi, -1, GetDate()),
[BadLoginCount] = 0,
[PwdChangeRequired] = 0,
[PwdChanged] = GetDate()
WHERE [Email] = 'your admin email address here'

3 – Execute the query. It should return “(1 row(s) affected)
4 – In order for the password to be usable, it must be re-encrypted. Do this by forcing the site to restart, either through IIS or by “touching” the web.config file.